What We Offer

We have more than 15 years of experience in :

• Design and manufacturing a wide range (more than sixty different) Opto-mechanical Components and optical Table and Breadbords
• Design and development of microchip lasers systems and compact laser diode driver
• Overhaulling Installation and after services of different laser systems such as industrial Co2 and diode laser cutting machines and equipments
• Design and development of Lamp pumped Er:Yag laser systems
• Design and development of medical diode laser systems

Professional Applications

Laser Cutting

Our objective is always to provide the best solution to manage new industrial scenarios: we offer engineering expertise and experience with efficiency and productivity in mind.
We manufacture waterjet cutting machines and laser cutting machines using the most advanced technology in order to increase profitability for our clients.

Laser Drilling

Drilling generally refers to the process for creating relatively small diameter (<1.5 mm) holes that range from normal-to-the-surface to angles as shallow as 10° from the surface. An assist gas may be used in this application to remove debris from and improve the quality of the holes and to protect the focus optics from the drilling debris.

Nd:YAG lasers provide flexibility and precision for drilling holes of any shape and at all angles to the part surface. Holes smaller in diameter than a human hair are obtainable with repeatable precision.

Laser Welding

Laser welding also makes use of the ability to concentrate energy from the laser of sufficient magnitude to melt the materials in the joint. Although there are applications for laser welding of plastics, this discussion will focus on the welding of metals. The key to a successful laser welding application is fixturing and joint preparation to ensure consistently good fit-up (minimal gaps) during welding.

Due to the ablation nature of the material removal, ultrashort pulse length lasers have unique capability to produce fine patterns of slots and holes with very fine finishes and no significant heat affected zone.