What We Do

Nivan co. is a joint venture between European and Iranian Companies specialized in Manufacturing and Distribution of European industrial Lasers and Accessories for those engaged in integrating Laser & Photonic Technologies into Academical and Industrial settings.
Nivan crew has over 15 years of experience in providing Services and Support with variety lasers and equipment. The overall efficiency of these equipment is an important factor since the market is saturated by non-standard devices. This is what we are here to ensure you of, that the device provided for you has the most efficient and best user satisfactory outcome. With a strong background in Academical & industrial purposes we are here to enable you to make a clear decision, one that would guarantee the best possible outcome for your customers and consequently, your business. Nivan Company manufactures and offers a wide range of products in the fields of Laser & Photonics, optics and opto-mechanical components used in cutting and machining.